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The Truth in Our Stories presents twelve compelling stories that highlight the immigrant experience and hopefully begin to change that perception. The testimonies are unapologetically honest and reveal the horrid conditions and crippling fear that continue to characterize the lives of immigrants. We learn, for example, that immigrants cannot obtain a driver's license in most states and that they have unequal access to health care; they receive no benefits and work multiple jobs for unscrupulous employers who frequently exploit them. Yet, there is hope because these stories challenge the public narrative about immigrants and dismantle the myths that lead to their persecution. While the stories shared in this book are full of hardship, the immigrants who share them shine with resilience and fortitude. They reveal, for instance, that immigrants are entrepreneurial, create jobs, pay taxes, and build infrastructure, thereby improving the economy.As the fight for immigrant rights continues to unfold, we hope this book will help restore a sense of shared humanity with the immigrant community. Listen to these voices; the truth is right here in our stories.

The Truth in Our Stories

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