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Undocumented Stories Events

Undocumented Stories Events

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The traveling gallery and storytelling events are available for groups interested in amplifying the voices of our immigrant friends and neighbors. 

A story telling event or a display of the handwritten stories will impact your organization.  Not only will hearts be touched but minds opened.  The experience will stir much needed conversations about this controversial topic.


Most importantly, God’s church can no longer remain oblivious or distant from the immigration problem. 

There was a time when the Christian church was the activist, at the center of it all involved in more than charity but in serving the poor, fighting for justice, and defending the oppressed.


The church needs to get involved, it can’t remain passive or look away on the immigration problem any longer.  This event is a great way to start somewhere, to ignite the conversation and get ready to take some action.  


As Christians, we don’t want to be known for people that remained passive towards injustice or for people with a love grown cold and hardened hearts.

As followers of Christ, we want to be known as justice seekers, warriors who fight for justice and for people who have zealous hearts and the love of Christ that shines throughout all that we do. 



A Traveling Gallery

Over one hundred handwritten stories (in Spanish) and their handwritten translation in English

Host a Traveling Gallery


Live Storytelling Event

Five storytellers from the immigrant community,  volunteer to share their story in 10 minutes or less (each one) in front of a live audience.

Host a Storytelling Event


Recordings of Events

Optional video and audio from previous storytelling events.

Click here for the recordings.


Our objective is to bring our message to every community.  We want to give voice to Latino immigrants through 

Undocumented Stories because these stories need to be told and need to be heard.


We believe that the best way to gain exposure is to partner with volunteers from different communities of faith so that they can advocate to host a storytelling event and/or exhibit these stories for their congregations. 


Would you consider networking with us to help us reach and educate more people? 


We are always in need of volunteers and resources.

If you are interested in joining us by donating your time or resources, we’d love it.


Please contact us.


An educational outreach of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary



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