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Doki - The Immigrant Dog is based on a true and heartfelt story that will resonate with all pet lovers. This book is also a tender account of the immigration story—a Venezuelan family who flees unsafe conditions, weathering dangers to walk to the Mexico-USA border. Along the way, they bring along with them Doki, the family’s dog.


Woven throughout the immigration story is the love and care for animals that is shared across borders. The story also captures the struggles that the family faces while trying to reach safety and asylum. Doki flees unsafe conditions, travels far through dangerous places, experiences hardships, and is separated from his family. This is the true journey of an immigrant.


Through Doki’s journey, readers are presented with questions of identity, big life changes, a story of survival, the boundaries that exist, and of course love.


Doki’s story is a way to bring awareness and compassion for immigrants who experience this same journey.

Doki: the immigrant dog

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