Our objective is bring our message to every community.  We want to give voice to Latino immigrants through  Un documented Stories because these stories need to be told and need to be heard.


We believe that the best way to gain that exposure is to partner with volunteers from different communities so that they can advocate to host a storytelling event and/or exhibit these stories for their congregations or organizations. 


Would you consider networking with us to help us reach and educate more people? 


We are always in need of volunteers and resources.

If you are interested in joining us by donating your time or resources, we’d love it.

Our Legacy

What do we want to be known for?


Do we want to be known as a country that worshipped its own power, that took care of its own with not a care for the suffering or poverty of others? Do we want to be known as an empire dominated by its small, hard stone of a heart?   


Everyone leaves a legacy whether they plan to or not. Everything we say or do, and even our silence and what we choose not to do, leaves the imprint of our lives on those around us.  As long as we keep breathing, we have the opportunity to leave a rich legacy of love, grace, compassion and hope.


You have the opportunity to start today.  

Connect with us

  • Host our traveling gallery, displaying handwritten stories and photographs of immigrants

  • Host a storytelling event, in which a group of immigrants will share their stories in front of a live audience.

  • Attend a workshop to learn more about immigration and develop a plan of action.


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